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New market prices

The new FIT for household photovoltaic systems have a positive impact because:

  • Make your investment safe, as there will be no risk of default.
  • Provides an annual bennefit of 3.500-4.000 €

Are you still thinking about it? Contact the SunInvest Energy Solutions O.E. to answer all your questions.

Why to choose us

Our experience and our expert staff ensures:

  • Customized solutions for all
  • A team of engineers is constantly at your disposal
  • Experienced and dedicated staff team in the area of photovoltaic systems
  • The best and most efficient materials in the market

Building Suitability

Most buildings in Greece are suitable for installation of Photovoltaic system, thanks to the high quality materials used by SunInvest Energy Solutions O.E.

Depending on the location, type of building, potential obstacles and shadows, our company will suggest you the perfect and most efficient solution. To find out if your building is suitable for solar system installation, contact us.


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12 Lagkada st, Thessaloniki, 54630, Greece

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Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00


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Quality Certification

SunInvest Energy Solutions Ο.Ε. is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance in the field of Trade and Renewable Energy Installation.

suninvest-iso 9001 2008

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